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A Project to Serve Humanity

Daad Token

Project Designed By : Anser Daad

With a passion to create a genuine community of crypto enthusiasts, blockchain advocates & passionate individuals.

Daad's Big vision. Great Features.

DAAD Token is an ICO cryptocurrency, which allows investors to invest in this token and profit from it based on the basic rule of demand and supply. DAAD Token serves all values of human rights, global sustainability, and environmental protection. With DAAD tokens, we primarily aim to help those who fall below the poverty line so that they are able to build their digital assets significantly.


We Can all together change the world into a better place.
Anser Daad

Blockchain & Daad

The blockchain, an irreversible and decentralized technology that assigns a digital value to any material thing, intellectual labor, financial asset, transaction, or digital asset ecosystem, has been on the rise since its emergence. As a result, cryptocurrencies with economic worth are known as asset-backed cryptocurrencies.

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the latest big thing in the field of finance. And we have integrated ICO with our drive to help humanity in order to create DAAD Token. Understanding the problem of poverty in Pakistan and the opportunities presented by crypto, we began our journey. We leveraged blockchain to improve positive human rights and open the doors to prosperity for all.

DAAD Offering

DAAD ERC20 Token is an ICO cryptocurrency in Binance Smart Chain Main net. The token is implemented as ERC20, enabling global investors to invest in DAAD. This investment gives them the opportunity to trade or hold to earn % of the profit on blockchain technology, which is set by the industry on the basic rule of demand and supply.

The DAAD contract is verified with Binance smart chain, deployed in Pancake exchange, and will be registered in other exchanges as meeting listing requirements.

Our Methodology

The drive behind DAAD Token is to provide equal opportunities to affluent investors and ordinary people through the same platform. We ensure this by offering high-quality, world-class products and services all around the globe. With DAAD tokens, people will have a better method of investing that will not only help them build assets but also play a part in reducing inequality, promoting human rights, supporting global sustainability, and encouraging environmental betterment.

DAAD Token acts as a fantastic platform for people with less money as well as for people who are interested in human rights protection and promotion. It exists as an ERC-20 protocol token within the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Network. It is a layer two solution to scale the Binance Blockchain Network, unlike most other tokens that do not have underlying assets or any intangible value.

We plan to continue providing excellent service to the communities developing blockchain applications, and the establishment & development of NFT marketplaces where people can buy and sell our NFTs and more! 

Daad holders will be able to buy products on Daad markets, shops, and related forums by using them as payment currency.

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What is the future Plan of Daad?

Business Meeting

Our Roadmap to
Achieve Goals

As we aim to help ordinary people, our action plan involves working on the grassroots level to Promote UN SDGs agenda. We plan to work in partnership with NGOs, CBOs, NPOs, and other agencies to identify problems and provide solutions by engaging local stakeholders.


Our goals and ambitions that led to the creation of DAAD crypto mean a lot to us. Therefore, we have built an efficient and highly functional roadmap to help us achieve those goals in the best way possible.

Let's Work Together

Daad Crypto is a social and welfare project that serves suffering humanity, protects human rights, raises global sustainability, environmental awareness, and promotes social development.

Volunteers around the World are needed to continue Daad's mission. Thus, let's come together to accomplish this great mission; members of the social influencers, social workers, and IT people who value equality and human rights are encouraged to join.

Please fill out the attached form to be a part of this great mission.

Token Details

Token Name: Daad

Token Symbol: DAAD

Type: Token

Deployed: Binance Smart Chain

2 M

Total Supply

2 M

Circulating Supply




Liquidity Look Status



Token Utility

Daad Raised Funds 

The funds we raise will be used according to Token Unitility.

NFTs Trading

10 % Trading fee to design and trade NFTs (Daad NFT Project)


DAAD (Buying/Selling) of products in DAAD

Social Welfare & Development

60 % Trading Fee for social and welfare Projects 

Donation For Ecosystem Development

10 % Trading fee to donate for crypto Ecosystem Development


Services of DAAD Will Be Given In DAAD Native Altcoin.

Adding Liquidity 

20 % Trading fee to add more liquidity every year

Token Owner Contribution

Donated the initial Lequidity Provided for the Pancake Pool. And Future Donations.


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Powered by: Binance Smart Chain
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Project Designed by:
Anser Daad 

Daad Business Global Institute Delaware, USA
Founder : Daad G
roup of Companies


Malik Nouman  
Director IT,

Daad Business Global Institute
Delaware, USA


Daad Teams,Volunteers & Freelancers


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